Change in support conditions for measures on rigs

St√łtteordninger / Fundings


The NOx Fund increases the support rate from NOK 200 per kilo to NOK 400 per kilo NOx reduced for SCR on rigs.

The reason for this change is that we want to lower the applicant's risk of a significantly lesser support payment than the maximum support granted.

The NOx Fund hopes this will motivate more companies to install SCR systems on rigs.

The increase in the support rate applies to new or revised applications which have not yet been processed by the board. Furthermore, the requirement for ensured operation for at least two years after the measure has been implemented is also adjusted.
Instead, it is required that the applicant make a probable presence on the Norwegian continental shelf in the future based on contracts and other conditions.

The change in the requirement for ensured operation is changed for all applications.

The rule on reduced support for rigs for the fourth application from the same company (max. NOK 25 million) is removed. Companies which have received a grant letter for reduced amount of support, could apply for revised treatment. However, the application may risk rejection.