The NOx Fund provides 873 million NOK in support for new projects

Green money

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The NOx Fund has approved support for 37 new projects from April to August 2023. Together, these projects are estimated to reduce 1800 tons of NOx emission with a support amount of approximately 873 million NOK.

The NOx Fund has processed 47 applications in board meetings from April to August 2023. In total, 37 projects received new commitments for support, 5 were declined, and 5 projects were revised.

Distributed across types of initiatives, 7 companies received support for fleet renewal, 19 received support for SCR technology combined with energy efficiency measures or engine replacement, 5 companies received support for shore power, 2 received support for energy efficiency measures and one received support for electrification.

In terms of sectors, the oil and gas industry received commitments for support for 5 projects, which will result in a total NOx reduction of 980 tons. Shipping received commitments for support for 17 projects, which collectively will yield an estimated NOx reduction of 583 tons. Fishing received commitment for support for 8 projects, resulting in a NOx reduction of 185 tons and the industrial sector received support for 2 projects estimated to reduce 61 tons of NOx.

Total overview of approved support in the NOx Agreement 2018-2025