Request for Documentation

Information about self-declaration and payment.


Information about self-declaration 

The company is obligated to verify the implementation of their measure and the measure’s NOx reducing effect. Please send in the digital form (if you understand Norwegian) or paper form (in English) with supplementary information. The information will be used both as a basis for payment of support from the NOx Fund and as a basis for the fund's reporting to the authorities.

To access the form, you must log in to our digital application with the same e-mail address as we have registered from the application.

For English self-declaration form, please fill out the Word document and submit it to

English application form

Payment of support

After DNV has quality assured the information, the NOx Fund will send a payment letter to the company with the data which the allocation of support will be based on. 

If you need assistance, contact the NOx Fund and we will help you.