Payment rates for 2023

Innbetalingssatser / Payment rates


The payment rate for 2023 will increase by NOK 0,50 per kg of NOx emissions for both high and low rates.

The NOx Fund have decided that the payment rates for year 2023 will be as follows:

  • High rate: NOK 17 per kg (increases from NOK 16.50 per kg)
  • Low rate: NOK 11 per kg NOx (increases from NOK 10.50 per kg)

The high rate applies to oil and gas activities on the continental shelf. The low rate applies to all other activities subject to NOx tax (shipping, fishing, industry, aviation, and railways).

For comparison, there is a proposal in the National Budget to increase the fiscal NOx tax from NOK 23.79 in 2022 to NOK 24.46 per kg NOx for 2023.