The converter at Norske Skog Skogn corresponds to a reduction of 73 tons of NOx


Photo: Norske Skog.

Norske Skog Skogn is replacing its steam converter to become a more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly paper mill at Fiborgtangen, with support from the NOx Fund.

A large steam converter, purchased used from a closed Swedish paper mill, has arrived at the paper mill of Norske Skog Skogn in Fiborgtangen.

The converter recovers energy in the form of steam and will contribute to reducing future NOx emissions from the factory.

Without a steam converter, an equivalent amount of steam would need to be produced in existing boilers. Such production would result in emissions of 73 tons of NOx per year from biofuel and oil. Therefore, the NOx Fund has pledged support of nearly 30 million NOK to ensure implementation and rapid execution.

The steam converter also has the capacity to recover steam energy from the new TMP pulp production line starting in 2024.

The total energy savings in the form of recovered energy in the steam converter would then correspond to the annual electricity consumption of 14,000 detached houses.

- Norske Skog Skogn has several sub-projects, all of which provide significant reductions in emissions for both NOx and climate. However, the most important aspect is that these projects are interconnected and that in the longer term, synergies can be realized that lead to substantial leaps in emission reductions and energy efficiency, says Tommy Johnsen, CEO of the NOx Fund.