The NOx Fund increases the urea support

The NOx Fund increases the urea support to a maximum of NOK 15 per kg of urea solution.

On 1 April 2022, the NOx Fund increased the support rate for urea from NOK 2.50 to NOK 7.50/kg due to sharp price increases. The urea support is now further increased to NOK 15 per kg of purchased urea (40% or 32.5% urea solution in water) with a delivery date from 1 October 2022. The support is limited by a maximum payment of 70% of the cost. The reason is the continued rise in prices caused by the high price of gas (which is an important input factor in urea production). The urea support is given to ensure the profitable use of urea in SCR systems, which ensures significant NOx reductions.

It is important for the NOx Fund to get a continuous overview of urea prices. In this connection, companies are encouraged to submit applications for reimbursement continuously as urea is purchased, and not to wait to submit applications many months later.

The NOx Fund encourages companies to continue and comply with the obligation to use SCR systems, despite the increased price of urea in the market. This is because companies affiliated to the NOx Agreement does not wish to end up in a situation where the emission ceiling in the NOx Agreement is exceeded and a sanction is imposed.